Elly Bangs

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The Wordless Age (Galaxy's Edge, 2019), about a dystopian society in which you must pay by the word in order to speak -- coming soon!

The Hyperheels Devour (Geek Out! Anthology), about a mad science disaster resulting from the invention of shoes that make you shorter -- coming soon!

At the Crossroads (Bikes in Space Volume 5, October 2018), about an interdimensional bicycle race and the eternal battle against Space Nazis

Dandelion (Clarkesworld, September 2018), about three generations of scientists studying the same enigmatic object

Apotheosis (The Working Zealot's Guide to Gaining Capital in Pre-Apocalyptic America, August 2018), about a dream-advertisement broadcasting machine run amok

The Cool Kids (Daily Science Fiction, April 2018), about vampirism and the difficulty of being a person

From An Interview with the Famed Roller Sara Zephyr Cain (Bikes in Space Volume 2, May 2014), about a post-apocalyptic long-distance bicycle traveler

This Must Be the Place (Strange Horizons, February 2009), a love story about time travel and 1980s pop culture nostalgia

(coming soon)

Everything I Needed to Know About Being Trans I Learned on the Panamerican Highway (Taking the Lane #15, Fall 2018)

A Pocket Guide to Nuclear War Survival & Preparedness (PDF, 525 KB)

Elly Bangs was raised in a new-age cult, had six wisdom teeth, and once rode her bicycle alone from Seattle to the Panama Canal. Now she lives by the Salish Sea, where she spends her days fixing machines in subterranean chambers, and her nights writing short stories, novellas, and novels -- usually speculative fiction, scifi, fantasy, and uncategorized weirdness -- with a thematic emphasis on longing, heartbreak, and the grim fate of humankind.

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